Joshua N. Miller is a Brooklyn-based cultural critic and essayist writing about pop culture and literature. He received an associate’s degree in liberal arts from Bard College in 2018 and went on to earn his bachelor’s degree in English from Goucher College in 2021. Through his criticism, he aims to dissect individual pieces of art and assess how they’ll contribute to major shifts in the entertainment industry.

The Price of Power, which was initially submitted for Goucher’s Julia Rogers Research Prize, was awarded the contest’s highest honor, The Margaret Guccione Prize. It was later invited for presentation at Johns Hopkins’ National Undergraduate Humanities Research Symposium and published for their academic journal. Joshua attained the Phi Betta Kappa Brooke Peirce Award upon graduating from Goucher, and was a member of Jose Solís’ BIPOC Critics Lab this year. He is currently acting as a freelance cultural critic.